Elite Dry Cleaners has become recognized as a leader in performance, quality and quick turn-around times. We value greatly our quality of service and the happiness of our clients. We work hard to create the best value for our clients delivering exceptional service for as reasonable a cost as possible.

Dry Cleaning

dryclean-symPic 5 employee with dry cleaningOur dry cleaning process is second to none. Each article of clothing goes through a careful inspection before being sent to our facility. We pay very careful attention to beading, designs, logos and embroidery so that we may clean these to the exact specifications of the designer.

We offer dry cleaning on almost anything you could imagine including Men’s & Women’s apparel, household items like drapes and table linens, gowns, dresses, skirts, blouses, polo shirts and many other articles of clothing.

First Class Shirt Laundry

first-class-shirt-symWhether it is your finest cuffed dress shirt or your rugged mechanics button-down, our shirt laundry is first class all the way. We begin our shirt laundry at the point of sale, giving it a visual inspection, being astute to any wear or slight tears in the shirt or any buttons that need work along with any specific spots or stains that need direct attention. Any existing stains go right to our experts for careful attention.

Pic 4 row of shirtsWe focus on delivering a beautiful, pressed and cleaned, shirt to our clients, however the end result is not the only focus. We care about the process your article takes on during our cleaning.  We work hard to produce a top notch quality laundered shirt with lower temperature and without using harsh chemicals. Our personal code of service assures our clients that they receive the highest quality product with less wear and tear on the article over time resulting in your shirts lasting longer.

Suede & Leather

suede-and-leather-symNo fabric has the ability to stand out in a crowd the way a fine leather or suede coat can. We appreciate this specific type of fabric and respect it for it’s qualities. Elite Dry Cleaners can clean your leather or suede apparel or articles that have suede or leather trim.

Custom-Fit & Designer Tailoring

tailoring-symElite offers custom and designer tailoring to our clients. Either on-site or in-home, our tailor is second to none. Frank has been tailoring for over 40 years and has a magical way to make garments fit our clients.

Tailoring 2Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and a month later you lost or gained weight and now it doesn’t fit? Does it make more sense to spend another $100 on a pair of jeans or have them adjusted for less than $20? The fact is that we purchased the clothes we own for a reason: because we like them, we feel they make us look good and feel special. Why start from the drawing board when you can just “tweak” what you already have?

You will see that our tailoring clients are met with a smile and professional service right out of 5th ave in New York City.

We can perform any tailoring that your garment requires. We offer hems, take-ins, let-outs, custom fittings, dress alteration, converting shirts from long sleeve to short sleeve and any other adjustments needed to have your garment fit you the right way.

Fine Clothing Sales

We offer some of the finest quality Men’s clothing available on the market today with pricing unmatched creating a wonderful value for our clients. We offer Men’s dress shirts, blazers, suits and slacks in most sizes as well as custom order.

All of our fine clothing comes with our expert tailoring service to match the clothing item directly to its owner. Our specialty is making you look your very best.

Wedding Gown Preservation

wedding-gown-symDoesn’t everyone always say how quickly their Wedding day seems to pass by? With all of the flowers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, churches, vows, receptions and all the other items that go into it, what is the best way to preserve the feeling of that wonderful day? Wedding Gown Preservation.

wedding-gownOur experts will take in the dress, inspect it and review the fabric, seams and embroidering and make sure it is properly cleaned and ready for preservation.

We understand not just the monetary value, but the sentimental value of your Wedding Gown, which is why your garment will be packaged in an acid-free preservation box, then placed in a cotton dust cover.

Our goal is for your gown to be preserved for many years to come.

Household items

household-symDrapes, Area Rugs, Bedding, Linens, Table Cloths

With the advancement of fabrics in the past couple of decades, household items need just as much attention as our fine suits and blouses. We take in every item and delicately inspect it and clean and handle it according to the article’s specifications.

These items, because of the fragile nature and their size, require delicate handling. Our experienced team is dedicated to giving your home the crisp look that can be attained with dry cleaning these items.


wash-dry-fold-symAre you getting over-run with your laundry at home? Have a perfectly good washer and dryer that doesn’t seem to work hard enough or fast enough? If so, it’s time to do your laundry in four minutes. Two minutes to drop it off and two minutes to pick it up.

wash dry fold 4Our expert laundry service includes a fee per pound of laundry and each drop off is allocated to it’s own washer and dryer as to not be commingled with other client’s laundry as many other facilities do.

If you want your whites separated, want additives like Clorox 2, a specific detergent? We are your facility because we make your laundry experience as custom as it comes.

Our quality and presentation of your clothing is second to none. You will receive your clothes back neatly folded and bagged in a clear plastic bag ready to be put away.

Self-Serve Coin Laundry

self-serve-coin-laundry-symAre you a “do-it-yourself’er”? If so, we have plenty of washers and dryers for you. If you do not have an operable washer and dryer at home or are just too tired of babysitting the 20 loads of laundry that piled up, we are ready for you.

Each store is equipped with many different sizes of washers for efficiency and price consciousness of our clients. Our facilities are maintained and cleaned consistently so that you will always enjoy your experience.